Balancing The Heart Chakra.

Today begins Heart Chakra Week and I’m off to a good start already! My spirit must’ve been ready for the new energy because one of the pieces I started yesterday is all Heart Chakra.


It’s been  an awesomely creative day for me so far.  When I woke this morning, I intentionally set my attention to embracing positive energy and exuding a positive attitude. Carol Tuttle’s chakra series videos resonate with me and I’m so happy that I started my day with her energy.

While taking my morning walk at the gym, I listened to Earl  Nightingale’s  “We Are What We Think About.”  I enjoyed that time with Earl. Usually I play a binaural while he talks but today I was able to catch the subtleties of some things that I’d not noticed.

So , now I’m listening to a Heart Chakra Video and trying not to meditate  myself to sleep. Going to the gym for my afternoon walk!

On the other hand, I could go to the gym after a quick nap.

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