Happy Birthday Month To Me!

July is AWESOME. “Why?” you may ask. Well, Silly…it’s my birthday month.


It’s been GREAT so far, too! I’m feeling so…abundant.

First, my mom’s sending for us to come home for a few days. Can you say extended celebration? It doesn’t have to be on my actual born day when it involves travel. I’m psyched. The boys are psyched. Summer in Atlanta is the best time to be there. Thanks Mom!

IMAG1579 IMAG1586 IMAG1587 IMAG1572 IMAG1569 IMAG1570 IMAG1567 IMAG1566 0619132814_01 0701115500_01 (1) 100_0361 100_0336

Second, I just confirmed that I’ll have a table at this month’s ArtWalk. I AM OF COURSE PSYCHED. I’ve already posted this about three times in the last hour.

I’ve been in a paint frenzy since the full moon waned. I must admit. This new energy feels GREAT.

Happy Birthday Month, Crystal The Crab!

I will allow myself this one ‘lol’. I will not cringe. I will not.


Ok. Two.


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