Now How Does That Happen?

A friend of mine sent me some info about a women’s art exhibit. She said that I should enter a piece…but it’s a political exhibit and I wasn’t sure that my work would fit the criteria.

I guess I’d never really considered My Girl to be political. Silly me. Of course she is.

Somehow I seemed to have forgotten that art and politics are sloppy bedfellows. They roll around and make a mess…and in that messy love, new thoughts and ideas are formed. How droll. How AWESOME.

So, now that I’ve found my submission…how shall I present her to the panel. She’s an awesome model. Her story is important. Now I just have to figure out how to tell it.

BlueGirlTransform RedGirlBox2 ReptilianGirl2

Maybe I’ll give a new look for the show and take some photos with a camera instead of my phone.

Exciting stuff, this art adventure. I am in hog heaven.


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