The Girl In The Box.

Some time ago, I started a project called “The Girl In A Box”. I planned to paint  a fashion doll and arrange her in different poses to represent a woman forced to conform to society’s standards. It was a grand idea and in my excitement , I ran to one of my favorite thrift stores.  I found my Girl  and her Box as if by cosmic design.  Now what?

Her first coat of paint was a coat of Payne’s Grey. That particular shade of gray can appear blue-black in a certain light. My doll looked like she’d escaped a minstrel show.


This was obviously not what I’d intended. Lucky for me I had a jar of blue glitter glaze. Once I painted a layer of that stuff on top of her skin, she began to look like a robot lady.

Much Better.

Since then the Girl has been through a lot of changes. She’s been gray, blue and red. Now? Now she’s reptilian.  I’m thinking a new look is coming soon along with some new adventures. We had fun at ArtWalk. She met some cool people and took a few photos with The Box…which she never really poses with anymore.

Once she outgrew that box, it just doesn’t feel right trying to make her go back in.

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