Guess Who Turned 42 Today? This Guy!

Has it really been 42 years? That’s what Mom says and I’m prone to believe her. My body feels good. My mind is clear…well, clear enough. I have a loving family and a tribe of sista friends. Forty-two feels Great!


I’m going to the Food In Motion food truck festival with The Jabari Bros in a few minutes. I am wearing a t-shirt with a pink,   glittery bunny right across the boobs. Age appropriate? Maybe not. Birthday appropriate? Of course! Especially since it has the words, “It’s all about me. Deal with it” emblazoned cross it.

Tomorrow Heather’s taking me to a cool restaurant called Dada. Yes. It is named for the artist movement. Awesome! The food has a great reputation and it’s in Delray Beach. I may seem a little boujie but …who’s going to eat at a trendy restaurant for her birthday? This guy!


After dinner we’re going right to Respectables to either dance or laugh it off. Maybe both. It’s karaoke night. Who CAN’T find the humor in karaoke?

me and redd

My birthday weekend is in effect, boy! Now…I shall gorge myself sweets and honeyed mead. Ok. Maybe not mead. Just beer. Just plain, ol’ beer.

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