We Are What We Think About.

On days like today, I am grateful for my writing coach. Her suggestion to read Think and Grow Rich alongside The Richest Man in Babylon has been worth a truckload of gold. From the moment I began reading the words written in those books, I’ve been on a mission to build a better me and turn my dreams into gold.

I have trained my mind to stay focused on my goal. My Definiteness of Purpose is always prominently placed on the dashboard of the inner dialogue speeding through my head. In honor of myself, I keep my eyes on the prize. At this very moment I am listening to Earl Nightingale’s , “Courage and Self-Esteem” while a heart chakra frequency plays in the background. I feel centered.

As the tumultuous tide turns and churns around me, I’ve found a way to energetically and enthusiastically achieve my goals while simultaneously reducing stress. With a steady diet of prayer, meditation, work, desire, perserverence and self love, I am living a life of my choosing not settling for a wasted existence.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m dealing with some serious, grown up sh*t over here. I’ve just decided to focus on the good things. My vision has gone from tunnel to peripheral. I choose to write positive energy. It feels better when I read it later to my self.


This girl’s out the box and on to the Promised Land! Ahhh…That’s Better.


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