Guilty As Charged…But Not Feeling Guilty At All.

I did not write yesterday. I suppose I should feel guilty but I can’t seem to muster up the gumption to do so. My weekend has been so awesome. Why mess that up with misplaced angst?

Plus, dammit, I’ve been having an AWESOME birthday weekend…and it ain’t over yet. I don’t know if many people are aware of this but Cancers Love Our Birthdays. For some primal reason, when Crab Birthday Month looms even the most hermitty (not a word but it’s appropriate) of crabs will crawl from the beach into a party.

I am stuffed to the crabby gills with sugar. I’ve been eating my birthday cake, which my family managed to keep hidden from me until Friday night. Yummy Raspberry White Chocolate! Nommnommnom. I’ve also eaten homemade Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies that we got at the Food in Motion event. Thank You, Ellee’s! She was sooooooooo nice. Her Honey Coated, Slow Baked Granola bundles of love are DELICIOUS…and apparently full of real espresso. YUM and YAY!

Last night I had more yummy nomnoms at Dadas. Heather is awesome. We got all dolled up and went to dinner. It’s in a trendy area north of us and south of Respectables…perfect position for dinner before dancing.

First, I must say, the mojitos are Amazing. They even had a couple of vodka options for those of us who can no longer stomach rum (Long story. So sad). I chose the pear and Heather had the strawberry.  Perfect. Both of them. They were crisp and not too sweet with a kick but not a kick in the a**.  Oh…and the food? Yep. Just as good as the drinks. I had the Deviled Egg and Shrimp Paparadelle and Heather had the Butternut Squash Ravioli. We were in Hog Heaven.

After eating we went to Respects, which in it’s recent manifestation has become a haven for people born in the ’90’s. Not a problem though. We danced with them. Laughed at the frat boys wearing flip flops in a nightclub and had more tasty drinks. Our favorite bartender Theresa was manning the station out back with the karaoke bar. Ya know…I thought karaoke would die out years ago. I was wrong. Goddess wanted to give me one more thing to laugh at while I’m intoxicated.

It’s always funny to watch people perform karaoke. Seems to me that you’d pick a song that you already kinda know. Something that resonates with you. But how many bad versions of good songs can a girl sit through with out laughing. I mean, some guy was choking the life out of Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper so…me and Heather did the Romy and Michelle dance to it. It was bad…but not as bad as his singing.  Hmm…young crowd. I don’t think they got it. Didn’t stop us though. Honey Badger and Raven don’t care. Honey Badger and Raven don’t give a shiite.

So now, I’m in bed with my leg propped up again. It’s cool, though. I don’t do interpretive dance all of the time.

4 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged…But Not Feeling Guilty At All.

  1. learningtocry says:

    You’re hilarious! LOL! Thanks for the laughs. I needed them. Oh and the videos are icing on the proverbial birthday cake!
    I love cookie monster. And I loved visualizing you and your friend dancing like that with all the youngsters! LOL! Would so love to go out dancing with you guys! I go every weekend and have been to a few places where I was hangin with the college crowd. But I’ve still got it goin on!….so not a problem! : )
    Happy bday month!

  2. lmao seriously funny crystal…and you’re oh NOT so innocent pic in the header is fabulous!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THE HONEY BADGER video OMG lol! this is awesome…all of it! romy and michelle hahaha…and who doesn’t love cookie monster?!!! happy bday month crystal baby xo

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