Breakfast Sandwiches, Romance Novels and Ch-Ch-Changes.

For some reason, I like to to paint with Mr. David Bowie. Specifically, his album Hunky Dory…and even more specifically two songs: Andy Warhol and Queen Bitch. Now, I may not know a lot about David Bowie but I have been a fan since Let’s Dance. I  love that he wrote a song for Andy Warhol. I love that he played Andy Warhol. Art and Music Gives Me Life. Who better to share my most creative moments?

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Saturday my writing coach took me to Barnes and Nobles. She bought me a romance novel for my birthday entitled Destiny’s Captive. I love romance novels. They’re my version of a soap opera. I can usually read them quickly and there’s always a happy ending. What’s not to like about that? Plus Beverly Jenkins is one of my favorite authors. She blends real history and romance into stories with strong female characters. I love that about her!

My coach laughed when I presented her with the book I wanted. I knew that she would because we mostly talk sci-fi. If nothing else, I have a well rounded knowledge of literature.

On another random note, I found one of my missing vegan breakfast sandwiches and ate it with the last slice of my birthday cake. As I sip tea, I can still taste the tangy combination of raspberry gelee’ and black bean burger. A unique flavor…kind of like the mood of today. It’s warm yet rainy. I feel excited and relaxed. That’s ok, right?

I found a rare recording of Earl’s, “Direct Line” and listening to it now with a throat chakra frequency in the background. Exciting stuff! It’s amazing how simple the truth can be if we simply listen. The things he’s saying aren’t new to me…it’s just that I like the way he says them.

I’ve been getting good results, too. I think there’s something to this positive thinking stuff.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Sandwiches, Romance Novels and Ch-Ch-Changes.

  1. learningtocry says:

    I want a writing coach! Hope to find one in my neighborhood. 🙂
    Your girl is lookin good btw. : )
    Happy day/night to you.

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