As Puffy Would Say, “Take That! Take That!”

People are upset that President Obama is commuting the sentences of 46 non-violent, drug offenders…some of whom were on Death Row.

I say, I am happy about it. I mean, we in Florida have no right to judge. Our governor was indicted for MEDICAID FRAUD and still managed to get elected. First thing he did in office? Pardoned himself.  If he can do that, The POTUS can pardon some people who didn’t STEAL FROM OLD LADIES.

While on a rant, here’s this. Why is President Obama the FIRST EVER president to visit a Federal Prison? Is it because no other leader felt it was worth their time? No votes to buy. True these people made bad choices, for the most part…some are probably innocent, but they exist and are not invisible.

Also, why are so many Republicans idiots? I mean…they’re practically forcing us to HAVE to vote for Hilary. I’m not a fan of hers either but DAMN. Who else is there to vote for next year? Waka Flaka Flame?

On another note, Why has my favorite show resorted to random sex sh*t that the story doesn’t need and just kinda leaves me deflated? Damn Alien Sex Nerds are ruining Defiance. I LOVED that show before it became soft porn for geeks.  Go Back to Good Writing and lay off the alien sex, you bastards! (Imagine me shaking my fists in the air)


Ok. I Feel Better Now that I’ve Gotten That Out of My System.

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