Don’t Make Me Get Ethnic!

So…I was talking to my Super Homie tonight and she told me she was almost a little miffed with me. You know why? Because her girlfriend said, ” You know your girl’s in town, right?”

I’m not in town.  What in the Gay Hell?

How Catty.  How not cool.  How…Dyke Drama-ery.

Now, her girlfriend and I have history. Nothing sexual. She used to be one of the suppliers of club kid party stuff me and my BFF used to imbibe in when we were in college. We were never friends and she has always beeen kinda shady…but we’ve known of each other for a long time.

I however did not know that she doesn’t like me until today.  But…it’s cool.  I get it.

But I found a cool  quote that explains exactly how I feel about this situation.


Thank you, Infinite Intelligence. I am Better and Better. The old me might’ve been upset about that hater-ation. But I simply laugh at the secret hate and do my best Mariah Carey imitation.

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