Hot Mess Comin’ Through!


In this Cancer’s world, an occasional trip to Crazytown is to be expected. I have been planning this trip home for weeks…in my head. The actual hands on planning? Hmm…I will remain questionably vague but isn’t that the same as saying, “I flaked”?


I refuse to feel guilty about it though. Sh*t happens. Plus, in my defense, I had no cash on hand. Why would I plan a vacation without cash in hand? Who knows? That’s just part of my charm. My mom is giving me this trip home as a birthday present.

My parents love me and miss us…plus they’ve known me for 42 years. They know that I can be a little…special. They also know that I am between ‘jobs’ and short of funds. I love Cool Momski and DJ Pops.


It’s funny that I’m their oldest child.  My mom and dad had a running bet. If I remember correctly, my dad bet my mom that they’d be taking care of me forever. At one point, I think the odds were in mom’s favor…but dad’s been right for a few months now. However! The  bet is still on and I’m determined to make sure DJ Pops doesn’t win this one.

C’mon Miracle Millions!

So…it’s Saturday morning and the drama continues. Time to get back to our travel plans. I  just have to double back out of Crazytown first.


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