To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.

Ok. Either I’m wearing lesbian repellant or my mom’s incessant prayers for me to turn straight are working against my efforts to find a woman.  Why do I say this?

Because I am getting hit on by men left and right but women? None have responded to any of my efforts.

It’s cool though. I blame OkCupid. Not sure how they did it but I opened my inbox…all dudes. Checked my profile and it says ‘Lesbian’. I’m pretty certain that the definition isn’t interchangeable with ‘ I want to date a man’.

Well, I’m making the most of it. Just tired of explaining to dudes that I’m not a dyke because I don’t like dick or that no, some woman didn’t sneak up on me in the girls locker room and ‘made me like it’.  (Although…that may have been kinda hot)

So…wish me luck. Maybe this woman repellant will wear off and Cinderella will be my Princess Charming soon enough.


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