Seriously…I Couldn’t Make This Shit Up.

Ok. So I just ended a two day relationship. That’s quick. Even for me. What’s really funny though is the fact that I am  rather proud of myself about it.


I blame OkCupid. I really do. Those bastards. Although in their defense, a lot of straight people have no idea what sapiosexual means.

Well, this poor kid was at least cool enough to ask for a definition.

I clearly stated that I am:

1) Lesbian

2) Looking to date women

3)  Queer

4) Sapiosexual

Yep. After all of that obvious gayness, the sapiosexual was a throw off.


It’s my fault really. I did flirt a little…but I told him up front that I like attention. We can’t screw but if you’re dumb enough to give me your energy , fair game. Several stimulating conversations later , and by stimulating I mean truly, truly basic, I have had enough.

See what happens when a Cancer gets bored?

All types of  fuckery.


Do people really say sh*t , “So you don’t like dick, huh?”

I mean, really? Shaun

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