Super Hero In Training.

I woke around five this morning. My mind must’ve been running itself ragged while I slept again. It’s been a rather stressful few days but Thank Goddess for Third Eye Chakra Balancing. Focusing on honing my intuition and opening my pineal gland has kept me too busy for a descent into total bat shit crazy.

Determined to take charge of my energy, I opened up Chopra Center Meditation and relaxed into the sound of Oprah, Deepak and some calming water music. Just for good measure I set my alarm to 7am so that I could get to the gym early, before it got crowded. Since it’s Third Eye Chakra Week and I had about an hour before rising time,  I found one of those Binaural Frequencies to lull me to sleep.

Ahhh…now that felt good.

I got up, loaded a small canvas into my truck and headed off to the gym. I worked on my mother in law’s birthday present in the gym parking lot. It’s a surprise so, I don’t really work on it around the house. As I was  painting, a young man in the car next to me says, ” Wow! I really like what you’re doing. Is it your passion?” I looked up and he reminded me of a young man about my oldest son’s age. Maybe a little older.

I thanked him and said yes, it is my passion. He smiled and bid me a good day.  I did the same. Cool, eh?  As my mom would say, “What a nice young man. I bet his folks are proud.”

When I left the gym, I promptly passed out for a while. I awoke startled. I’d forgotten my paints in the truck. No Bueno!

Jumping up, I  was barely conscious as I ran out the front door to my truck. Whew! It was still relatively early so the paint hadn’t had time to cook.  Yay!

Today has been a little crazy but nothing I can’t handle. I attribute it to my third eye opening up to the world around me. A few more rounds of these frequencies and I’ll be a superhero.

Stan Lee never created a character like me.  If he had, she’d be the Sh*t.

11707634_10206808714397687_4546937420623171041_n FB_IMG_1434504956756 10671235_10205931954519238_1294798231348639481_n

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