Is It The End Of July Already?

Wow! This month has flown by. ArtWalk is this weekend and I’ve been painting up a storm. Literally…it’s been rainy a lot lately.  Maybe it’s my mood. I am a magic you know.

Doreen Virtue is so awesome. I’m listening to her as I type. She’s telling me not to worry. My dreams are coming true. You know, Napoleon and Earl have been telling me the same thing. I am becoming the person I’ve always known I can be…and it feels GREAT.

So back to this weekend and ArtWalk… and Astari Nite.

Here are some of the new pieces I’ve created. There’s not really a theme. Each is a different experience and most of the time I have no idea what’s going to come to be when it’s done.Girly

This one’s called, “Girly” and I did it on a used canvas at Dekkagon’s art party last Sunday. I love Vinyl Spinnrz ( I always forget how they spell the name). The canvas is a rectangle and had a bunch of stuff already gesso’d to it. I looked at it for a minute and decided I wanted to do something girly. I picked up some paint and this is what came out.


When I got home, The Girl liked it so much she let me take a couple of photos of her with it.

She prefers books though.


I also finished another piece called, “Amphibious”.


It started out as something else but I like what it’s become.

I love that I’ve been painting and writing all summer. I’ve actually sold some art. That makes me happy. I’m sooooo looking forward to ArtWalk. Let’s feed Art to the masses!

Guess what else happens Saturday night? Astari Nite!


Heather and I are meeting up to go see them at KILL YOUR IDOL after ArtWalk. We ALWAYS have a good time at their shows.Their music takes me to another place. Another plus? There’s always hot girls for me to look at  and hot boys for Heather to look at…I say that’s a win-win situation. This week I’m wearing some tight jeans. It’s time for mama to get some poontang!

I am so wrong for that…but if nothing else, I’m honest.


8 thoughts on “Is It The End Of July Already?

  1. lmao good luck in ALL of it! love the art btw…very open to interpretation. i like when things are not necessarily set in stone – probably a Gemini thing 😉 Girly is sooo girly. love it!

  2. You go Girl! Both of you! Ha ha!
    We are on the same path. I too am stepping into my greatness allowing myself to do all that I love….writing, dancing, teaching, spreading peace, and moving moving moving my body. Met someone new….we’ll see where that goes. Trying not to hold onto any expectations or create any stories. It’s hard. : )
    Love to you! I am so happy for you to be living your passion! Just yummy! High five!

    I went out dancing last night funky electronica dance D.J. I was a wild woman on the dance floor- out there dancing with lots of cute guys. We were all just there to have fun for the looooove of dance! Yeah, a couple of times, just short of a trance. Kind of wonder what people thought.. but don’t really care I’m just there to have a great time and let my body do what it does. Most people seem inhibited when it comes to dance. Anyway, I will stop rattling.
    Hope you have an awesome Art Walk and dance party concert! And that you come home with lots of the green stuff!

    1. You Rock, Sis! Maybe it’s a cosmic mood…lol. All of us warrior artist women, running with wolves and stuff.
      Oooo…Romance, eh? Nice! Sending you Lots of Happy, Fun Energy. Enjoy!
      It feels good to be in the company of awesome people.

  3. : ) Ha ha! Thanks! I agree.
    I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my Qigong classes tonight so even more things opening up. This is one way I spread peace and healing but it is a bit of an antagonistic sibling to my writing and my studying. Hhhhm.. Hoping they can all get along. Back to “Do what is necessary.” I will meditate more on this one Things that make ya go hmmmm.
    Love to you…Sis!
    (I like the Sista from anotha Mista! Ha ha!)

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