Honey, The Struggle Is Real!

Earl was right. Forming new habits isn’t easy…but well worth the work.

I have been focused on maintaining a positive attitude, producing more work and balancing my third eye chakra. At times, it felt as if I were pushing myself to keep my head in the game. But I’m determined. I have a Strong Desire to Achieve my worthy goal and to be successful in all of my endeavors.


I forgot to carry my cards with me today. Fortunately I’ve memorized my Definite Chief Aim In Life, although I’m thinking of reworking it a bit. Over the past few months of this new financial awareness and manifestation journey, I’ve tweaked a few details. Now,  it’s time to solidify those changes in writing. I’m still muddling the finer points in my head.

Another thing. My intuition told me to get gas yesterday. I should’ve listened.

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