Wouldn’t You Know it? Alicia Keys Was Right.

This girl IS on fire. I am a steamy, hot mess right now…and you know why? Almost 24 hours of constant activity and my first thought as I awakened for the second time today was, “Oh snap! It’s time to write about yesterday!”


Now, I have to warn you in advance that I am still half cocked. IF there are typos that I miss, I’ll tend to them later. I just need to get all of this out before I either fall asleep again or lose track of my thoughts.

Oh snap! Amost got distracted by my son’s video game.

Artwalk was  yesterday and for the first time, I  almost flaked. It’d been raining all morning  but when I left the house, the rain had actually stopped. By the time I got to MASS District, the sky opened up and the water came down. I sat in my car a bit taking selfies and waiting to see if it would stop. I gave it an hour. Then it started lightening and I got a little scared.

Just as I was about to give up, my friend and awesome artist, Marene called me. She’d come out too and had brought a tent. I told her that I was going back home because of the rain. She invited me to share her space. I still hemmed and hawed for almost an hour as I helped her set up for the show.



I made a million excuses why I should leave. Marene never pressured me to stay. She just convinced me that staying was infinitely cooler than leaving. I was already there. Had my stuff with me. She scored us some primo parking right next to her tent. You know, I may not be a rocket scientist…but my kid is. I, of  course, stayed.

20150725_185939 RainyArtWalk Artwalksetup

It was an amazing night! You know, The Universe ALWAYS gives you what you ask for. I’d said that I wanted to walk around and enjoy Artwalk  instead of being stuck at my table the entire time. Well, Honey…Rain storm and a cool friend to share a space with turned into my opportunity to do just that very thing.

Talking to other artists is so inspiring. Some are cool and laid back, like Marene. Some are full of  passion and righteous indignation, changing the world with their fire. Biggups toReni! I think that I waver between both at different times. I’m a CANCER. You can’t expect me to commit to one emotion.

Oh, my word. I’m running out of steam. Coffee Break!


Ok…About Last Night. That remake was kinda good, by the way. Better than the original.

After my Art Day Dramatics, I headed of to enjoy some Darkwave with Heather and Astari Nite. Traffic was a bitch to Miami. For some reason, all of the world’s worst drivers converged on I-95 last night. The Super Slow But Driving in the Center Laners. The Poll Position Players who just bob and weave through traffic trying to get around them. The Drunk Too Early Crowd. All of Miami’s finest were out…and we were late to the show.


Heather was off course upset. I didn’t want to tell her that I’d forgotten my ID…but I had to. Now, I know a woman my age usually feels good about being carded. I, however, was glad that I look older than 25. Went out on Miami Beach. Didn’t get carded once. Oh, well. Works for me!

RockerChicks BarArt

We got there at the end of their last song. I felt bad. In an effort to cheer up my friend and save the evening, I proceeded to channel the party angels. We were tipsy (ladies don’t get drunk…lol) in no time. I won’t go into  details, to protect the not so innocent, but we ended up having a blast! We partied with rock stars, like rock stars…and then had Eggs Florentine for breakfast.


Dang. This is probably my longest post ever. I guess that means it was a good day.

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