It’s A Mad World.

Two days later and I’m still paying for Saturday night.

I’m not hungover. Just draggin’ a little.

To be honest I really don’t know how much I had to drink. Sad but true. I know that I am a light weight but my tolerance for alcohol and copious amounts of it, has increased. I remember packing a homemade wine cooler in a thermos for Artwalk. By homemade wine cooler I mean leftover wine that’s been in the fridge for a couple months. Don’t judge me.

I also remember having two, maybe three, cherry vodka and sprites at Kill Your Idol. Then at the after hours spot, I think only one. Oh, I was politely buzzed and I’m a “dance on your table” girl. Imagine me as Parker Posey and Kim Coles in one body. It’s a stretch.

So today I’m faced with potential abominable job hunt stress. It’s crown chakra week so I’m expecting a convergence of Great Fortune and Success. Why with all of this meditating, chakra work and goal setting, I am Bound for a Blessing. Picture me fanning myself like a Church Mother.

I shall grow a field of Love and Light around myself. I am The Universe expressing itself in Human Form. I am the Me I want to be. All is Potential Energy that never ends or begins…Inexplicable.

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