Don’t talk to me about ‘real women’


A Girl In Europe

Don’t. Just don’t.

Running this blog opens my eyes up to lots of social phenomenons that I usually wouldn’t even notice,which is great, I’ve found out about Kaitlyn Jenner and Tess Holliday and when that I happens I think ‘woo Internet you done good’. But one thing that really really realllly grinds my gears is this whole ‘real woman thing’, according to google , when you type in ‘a real woman is’, you find these pictures:


Did you notice in all those pictures the word ‘man’ was used? So basically a real woman is the perfect wife or partner and doesn’t dare try achieve anything for herself. Oh and don’t forget to ‘respect his hustle’ (what the bloody hell does that even mean?!).

Please no, tell me these are not examples from the 21st century. Please.

But it’s not just that,I chose these examples because deep down I do believe…

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