Mama, I’m Coming Home.

In my excitement to prepare for my trip to Atlanta tomorrow, I broke the washing machine.

The End.

No not really.

The washer is broken but the inconvenience of it cannot take the fluff out of this marshmallow. I am headed home and leaving the dirty laundry in it’s hamper. When I return in two weeks it may smell like something died. Well, it did. I killed the washer.

The day after we arrive, I host my first solo art show at my best friend’s tattoo spot. Yay! Two months ago I didn’t even know I’d have a show. Two weeks ago, I didn’t know where it’d be. As my mother says, “The Lord works in mysterious ways”. Another person would say, ” The Lord takes care of fools and babies.”  I say, “Thank You, Infinite Intelligence from one who has been a fool and a baby…and has seen a mystery or two.”


I am really too excited to form well written sentences so I will end with this:

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