Art Day! Art Day!

Today is my Pop Up Art Show and I AM PSYCHED. Being in Atlanta is so fitting because it’s my hometown. My family and friends have been super supportive. I Love and I am Loved.

I love Mr. Rogers.

My parents are excited to have us here. My neices, nephews, neighbors…the community I grew up in have welcomed us with open arms. Why do I love Atlanta so much? Not just because it’s home but because it’s where my heart blossoms.

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Nikki, my best friend forever, is hosting us at Vertical Xscape. The owner, Psi is awesome. Not only is he letting me use the space, he’s letting me use it for free. Blessings! Biggups to the everyone in the Vertical Xscape Massive and Crew. (I was feeling my Caribbean Shakedown roots…Biggups to WRAS!)

So now that I have a few minutes to gulp down some extra strong coffee from a REAL percolator (my favorite coffee making machine) and shove some food in my mouth, I just want to give Thanks and Praises for these Blessings. Blessings of Home and Family. Friends and Loved Ones. I’m Thankful for our safe travels in the air and on the ground.

I’m just tremendously Grateful for Everything. I’m Thankful for my Life.

Now my coffee almost gone and I think I’ve burned breakfast…but I’m still Grateful.

Forward into Tomorrow!


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