Family Day!

My mom is an art collector. She’s got good taste, too. Mom has influenced me in so many ways, I’m sure I get the love I have for beautiful things from her. She has one of the first canvas pieces I ever finished on her wall. I used oil pastels to write and hand draw one half of a woman’s face emerging from a pixelated scene.

11794123_10207013728402909_7203999619504270052_o (1)

My best friend painted a series of floating tulips as a mural in my parents foyer that runs along the hallway to their bedroom. I am awesomely blessed that both my mom and my mom in law are into scenic beauty. It’s a very supportive environment.

Today I spent more time with my family. My niece Ayonna did my hair while I had cupcakes with her and my mom. I played with my little nephew for a while. The coup de grace? The dinner I just had with my baby brother, Greg aka OG, and his girlfriend Zsa Zsa. My niece  T’rheya and her husband were there as well.

On our way to the restaurant, my brother and his girlfriend forced us all to drink miniature bottles of vodka in honor of her birthday. About 90 percent of my bottle is still in my purse. I am not a seasoned drinker. I had a feeling that it would be an interesting evening.

It was.

So we get to Bamboo Luau, a place I’ve been coming to since college. My brother and his girlfriend are one of those very, very animated couples who go from slobbering all over each other to bickering to tongue molesting to bickering to slobbering all over each other.  I find it hard to keep up. I had the host seat us in a secluded area near the back of the restaurant.

10401981_10207013583279281_4636499531461638381_n 11223676_10207013583639290_4988436054398020885_o 11811553_10207013583999299_305250653429977164_n 11831656_10207013583479286_6669731565068368397_n

Now Bamboo Luau is famous for it’s flaming punch bowl type cocktails. The two couples had bowls and the waiter convinced me to have a margarita. About 80 percent of that margarita is now in my purse, waiting for it’s second day appearance by the pool. It’s a tasty cocktail. I just can’t drink anymore today.

Dang…I fell asleep typing. I lost my laptop cord, like, five minutes after landing so I’m writing this on mom’s computer in their library.

Basically, I got rip roaring drunk with family and it was a hot mess. It was Awesome!

Thank you, Infinite Intelligence! Thank You, Divine Mother!

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