Out With The Ladies Jaudon

Ok. My mom and sister are champion shoppers. Any time they say, “Let’s go shopping,” picture sales clerks coast to coast throwing open shop doors, singing welcome songs and doing back flips down long hallways.

Sound a bit dramatic? Trust me…it’s not. The Anti-Struggle is Real.

So today was shopping day with the ladies.  Me, Mom, Sis and my teen nieces descended on a few malls and went ham-ish. It was tax free weekend so…we saved a couple of bucks.

First mall, ghetto fabulous…but had the sneakers my younger niece wanted.


While she and her sister perused the aisles of Foot Locker, us first generation Jaudon’s took a couple of photos with mom.


We wrapped up at that spot then traveled out of the city limits for some serious spending at one of my mom’s favorite shops. I couldn’t even tell you were we were…but they had a crap load of Ralph Lauren, BCBG, Ann Taylor, etc.  If you’re an avid shopper, you get it.

After hours of walking and spending, we were in need of some shopping fuel and ended up at the local hibachi grill. Yes. We kinda went ham there, too.

We ended the excursion with some stops for school supplies. That was experience. Because of the tax free ‘holiday’, every thing was obscenely packed. No problem. I was wearing extra comfy, shopping shoes. I prepared for the day. I’ve learned comfort is best in these situations.

Tomorrow? Tattoos. Movies. Paint.

I Love Being Home. Everything’s so familiar.

Oh, yeah! I sold another painting today! Yay!


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