Talk About Hustle!

My bff is a tattoo artist. She has been for over twenty years. She’s also owned a few parlors and taught a few apprentices. About ten or so years back, Nikki had an aneurysm. It’s a miracle that she’s part of the two percent who survive. Earlier this year, she had another one. She said it reset her wires.

20150802_113754~2 20150802_113748~2 20150802_113752~2

I’m not sure what ‘it’ did. I’m just glad, that by the Grace of God, she survived.

As a gift to my sister, she agreed to hook her up with a tattoo party. I came along for the ride…and also to start working on my commission pieces. I figured while Nikki slings ink webs, I could lay the first layer of pant on a few canvases.

20150802_212133 20150802_163338 20150802_163357

I’m very excited about it.

So for a few hours we painted and inked as my sister and her friends sipped and ate. It was a fun time. My sister Charlene and all of her friends are lady firefighters. They’re tough! But when you touch that needle to skin, honey…wincing happens.

What a fun day! Art, music and my sister’s gourmet strawberries and cream cupcakes. YUM.

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