I’ll Say It Again, This Time With Feeling…WDF?

Sometimes, short visits with family are best.

Divine Grace

I love, love, love my family but this week has been super intense. The oracle told me it would be. She was right. I guess it’s what makes people smoke crack. The intense Highs and Lows can be addictive. I’ve never smoked crack. I like a little more consistency.

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Yesterday was FUBAR aka F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition. It started with a serious lack of sleep on my part.  My horoscope warned me that sleep was INTEGRAL to having a good day. Long story short, I got into an argument with my sister, couldn’t find the party I’d planned to go to, and got into an intense  “discussion” with my BFF. This morning I snapped on my mom.

It’s been a crazy train over here.

Pray for me?


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