…And After All Is Said And Done, We Had A Great Time.

I know it got a little tense a few times…but I still had an awesome vacation with my family. We love to eat, drink (tea) and be merry. We also are hot tempered, emotional and at times, it can feel a little…thick. However, in retrospect, 0ur Atlanta visit was really, really nice.

My mom fed us so much that we were still full this morning from dinner last night. My dad smiled a lot. That’s a drastic change from when we were growing up. I guess semi-retirement is great! My brother, OG Greg, has a four month old son that I just adore. He’s so cute! Calmest baby I’ve ever met. He doesn’t even cry.

I sold art. I gave art as gifts. I finished my very first commission. I had my very first solo art show. I set my intention. I prayed and meditated. My dreams came true.

Thank You, Infinite Intelligence!

Thank You, Divine Mother!

I am Grateful. I am Exhausted.

Life is Great.

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