Veruca and Courtney.

Today’s mood?

A blissful, convulated melange of Veruca Salt’s pugnacious spunk and Courtney Love’s rebellious self absorption.

It started with my trip to the gym. The song Gold Dust Woman popped into my head…which of course led to a full on Stevie Nicks witchiness. Feeling a surge of pure, fierce feminine energy flowing through me, I typed Hole in my browser. “Violet” was the first song in the line up.

My day began.

What is it about Courtney Love? For me, it’s her spit and vinegar. Her complete and utter emotional woman-ness.  She’s a Survivor.  Raw Female Wolf Mother. I love her imperfectness. I admire her perserverence. She’s Rock Star.

She’s Veruca all Grown and Grabbing the World by the Balls…with a smirk.

I feel that way today.

I am Thankful for the feeling.


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