Beginning A Conversation with Reni Candelier.

I won’t be able to make Artwalk this month. Although I’ve made peace with the situation, I still wanted to participate in some way. I knew that Reni Candelier was artist in residence at Dekkagon so, I contacted her to schedule an interview. She agreed to see me today.

Reni4 Reni3

My smile could’ve lit up Alaska during the winter months. We’d met before during last month’s ArtWalk. I was impressed first by her work  but as we talked, I was struck by her passion. She believes her art can change the world. I am inclined to agree.

Reni7 Reni8

Before the actual interview, I wanted to do a bit of research on Reni. After meeting her, I’d naturally Googled the name Reni Candelier and it seemed I was the only person who DIDN’T know of her. I’d seen only a glimpse of her imprint as an artist, the tip of the iceberg.

Photographer. Painter. Teacher.

Her pieces can be worn or displayed. Appreciated or Reviled. She refuses to exist in a box…but she will take that box and turn it into a beautiful, creative gift to the world.

Although this was my first conversation with Reni, she offered to do more interviews. I feel the cogs and wheels of the old mind turning.

So much to see…and Lots of time to use my eyes.

It’ s late and I start my new job in the morning. This article will have to be completed in the morrow.

I’m excited on so many levels right now.

I am also very, very grateful.

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