I Realized That I’m The Annoying Person In The Gym.

Today was the first time this week I’ve been to the gym. My teacher’s planning week has been hectic. Not to mention that after work I still have to: paint, write and take care of my other tasks. Our school psychologist, who is also a licensed yoga instructor, led us through few exercises to stretch our bodies as well as our brains…and reminded me to get back in the gym.


When I got home, I hemmed and hawed for a while before heading out. It’s that time of year again.  School’s back in and Mr. Ako is getting ready to go back to university. Mr. Amir is preparing for his first year in middle school. I meet my new class next week. Le Sigh. Bye Bye, Summer!

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So as I was saying, my little niece distracted me. She’s so cute!

I finally made it to the gym. Since I also needed to paint, I hung out in my car for a while. I wanted to get a couple of pics so I got out of my truck and laid my paintings on the hood. As I was setting up and singing softly (sorta), a dude standing outside of his car and talking on the phone commenced to throwing verbal shade my way. What he said wasn’t clear. Maybe because i just pumped up the volume and began to sing a bit more loudly.

Who am I kidding?  I gave a Tony Award worthy performance in that parking lot.

Did I stop there? No ma’am. Once this girl gets a going, it’s a non stop drag show extravaganza!  There was a cutie in the locker room. I took stretching to a new low…literally. When the blank spaces next to me became occupied, I sang along with Karen O. as she was takin’, takin’ takin’ it off.

After all of that, my stress just seemed to melt away. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Exercise and a Good Queen Out does a body good.


I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “I Realized That I’m The Annoying Person In The Gym.

  1. lol you rock! so…umm who’s the dude holding the boobs? looks like your twin for pete’s sake! or is that you in drag hahaha? hey…it could happen!

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