Mastering This Mind Ain’t Always Easy…But It’s Always Worth It.

I’ve been stressing this weekend. It’s Mommy Stress and New Job Stress and Black Woman Stress…hell, Stress is Stress. No qualifiers necessary.

bonkers namascray eggscracked Yikes

Getting my Five Daily Tasks done and bringing home teacher work has frazzled my ‘fro a bit. I know that once I establish a rhythm and juggling act, finishing everything without raising my blood pressure will ensue.

In an effort to maximize my time, I’m currently listening to my boyfriend, Earl, while typing this blog post.

I’ve done my art task for the day. My Girl was due for a day in front of the camera. We had fun.

GirlReads2 GirlReads4 GirlReads3 GirlReads5

Before retiring for the evening I will work on my novel, came up with a new character and she needs a bio, and finish up my lesson plans for next week. We’re driving Mr. Ako to Daytona so there’ll be no time for serious school stuff. Monday is the first day and preparation is KEY. How I handle the first day sets the tone for my school year.

So as I slurp down this lovely gumbo my mom in-law made, I’m gonna wrap this up and move on to my next thing to do. I will drink coffee and eat an ice cream sundae to fortify myself for this evenings work .


I Love Every Minute Of It.

Thank You, Divine Mother!
Thank You, Infinite Intelligence!

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