Summer’s Over…And It’s OK.

Today we drove Mr. Ako back to university. It’s far enough away to miss him but not too far away to visit…but it’s always been a little bittersweet. Mr. Amir was a little teary but he said that it’s only for a few months. Thanksgiving is the next visiting period. I talked to him about how change is the only constant in life and that it’s good. If we don’t change, we don’t grow.


I’ve given that pep talk to myself a few times over the years. It’s the Truth and The Truth Will Set Us Free.

I’m a little delirious from being on the road all day. When we got home, I had to make a quick trip to the general store for some school supplies and finish up my powerpoint for work tomorrow.It’s always, always better to be prepared. Fourth Grade is not for the lazy. It gets…active and without a good start, a year can be…interesting.

Ms. Jaudon

I also realize that I need to schedule my tasks so that I can get everything done before the wee hours of the morning. Considering I get up around   five now, it’s unrealistic and a bit crazy to stay up til one am working.

Le sigh. Soon I’ll be all set. Right now, I’m tired and probably committing all types of grammar crimes.

Oh well, in the immortal words of Grace Jones, ” I’m not perfect…but I’m perfect for you.”

…Or something like that.

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