It’s ALL Good. Seriously. It is.

“Don’t search for opportunity in the distance.

Recognize it and Embrace it right where you are.”

Napoleon Hill.

Ms. Jaudon

Today our school was rocked by a storm. We had to hold our students and wait for it to pass. It could have been scarier…but our kids are such troopers! Even though the lights went out in some of the classrooms, most of the students remained calm. My class made me so proud.

Ms. Jaudon is Happy.  My class rocks.

After school I was all wound up about Amir taking the school bus for the first time EVER. I know he’s smart, mature and reliable. I know that…and knowing that didn’t stop me from going into a full on mommy tizzy. Let’s just say that I was at his bus stop about an hour early. Crazytown!

We talked about it. My eleven year old son pretty much said that I react to quickly. That kid’s smart. He’s right. I have been reacting. Time to reroute and get back to being enthusiastic and PRO-active. Reacting leads to panic and panic is the short route to Wackadoo City.

It’s late. I gotta get some sleep. I’ve been able to keep up with most of my tasks. I may work some more…or I may hit the hay as soon as I hit that last key stroke for the night.

Who’s to say?

It’s all good.

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