Like Erykah Says, “What A Day. What A Day.”

I got some news today. Not really sure how to take it. My school lost enrollment so…as of next week, I may no longer have a class. Again.

Le sigh.

The Good News is that the school administrators are cool. The principal called me into her office and let me know the situation. She said that I may want to apply to other schools for a full time position but they’ll keep me on as a specialist, with substitute teacher pay, if I’d like to stay. There may be an increase in enrollment after Labor Day.

Should I be praying for enrollment?

I’m disappointed but my horoscope and Doreen Virtue both say to stay positive. I am. I’ve  decided that what Goddess has for me, no one can take away. Somehow this situation is still my Blessing.

Pray for me though. One can never have too much prayer.

581024_401749843177550_745430330_n bibleschool

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