Alcohol, Anyone?

In the immortal words of my cousin Pookie “I’m bout to get f*cked up this weekend.” I deserve a drink. I deserve several drinks. Hell. I deserve to swim in a sea of whiskey infused beer.

I’m gonna be Peter Griffin at the Pawtucket Brewery.
I’m gonna be Homer Simpson off duty.

I’m gonna be right back. (faint chuckle)

Ok. So it’s a few hours later and there’s a storm brewing. Get it?  Brewing.

There’s a hurricane out there somewhere throwing everyone into a tizzy. I’ve had a glass of red wine. It’s cheaper than Prozac and you don’t need a prescription.

It’s been an INTENSE few days, eh?

Doreen says it’s because of the Full Moon. I’m apparently sensitive to Moon Energy.

She also says to stay positive and focus on the good. Focus on the things I want. Stay optimistic. That sounds like a lot more fun that angst and worry.

On an up note, I’ve been painting up a storm  today.

Is that why it’s raining?

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