Not So Respectable Night at Respects…And It Was Awesome!

As my mother would say, “I showed my natural, black behind (ass) last night.” It’s true. I did…and I’m not ashamed. I said that I was gonna do it. I never (not always) lie.

Me, Heather and Erin went to Respectable Street’s 28th Anniversary Party last night. The Misfits were headlining. This is my favorite song by them:

Of course my main reasons for going were to : see Astari Nite play, get into some debauchery with my homegirls and drink liberal amounts of alcohol…and not necessarily in that order. I also wanted to see what the South Florida Indie Music Scene had to offer. Apparently there’s more out there than I could’ve imagined.

For a night like last night, it was mandatory that we bring Resurrection Joe, our party flask. It had to happen. We were fortunate that Hurricane Erica decided to skip right on by us. What better reason to celebrate?

Talk about wasted. They say a picture says a thousand words. What do these pictures say? You know what…I’m not even posting these pictures. I have a reputation to protect. As Bane would say, ” You just have to imagine the fire.”

But I will say this before I have to log off and get some sleep. Astari Nite was AMAZING. We danced and swayed along to their darkwave beat. I was drunk of my arse and having a good time of it. We emptied Joe of his load in a corner surrounded by friends and a video of a German chick eating a roasted chicken. All in all, it was a great night.

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