…And Just Like That, A Miracle Happens.

This morning was a time for claiming the type of day I wanted. I chose to have a GOOD day. With that intention set, GOOD things began happening for me.

My sistar Farrah called me. We talked spirit stuff and practical stuff…which is also spirit stuff. Whenever we talk, I feel as lighter…as if I’ve just talked to my priestess. I can talk in a language that most people choose not to understand. She gave me some tips and suggested some spiritual practices to try. Awesome! I felt so much better.

Feeling GOOD does something to my vibrational energy. That feeling is like a wave that carries Love and Light into the Universe. When the wave returns, there’s always a blessing in it for me.

Today the Principal offered me a pool substitute position. It’s still part time but pays more. I, of course, accepted. I really like this school and the principal seems to be fair. In my experience, that may be a rare commodity these days.

So, I will say this. Staying positive does work in my favor. I say ‘my’ because I can only speak for myself. In Life, I have learned to count my blessings and not sweat the small stuff…but sometimes I’ve had to remind myself of this.

Not everyone has to kick themselves in the butt to seek the light behind those clouds. I did though. I did…and I feel better already.

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