Fully Awakened? What’s That Like?

For some time now, I’ve been a New Age, Afro Hippie, Urban Warrior Mama.

The pay hasn’t always panned out to be the best.

Talking to my sistar Farrah yesterday got me to wondering…”What does total enlightenment really feel like?”

She has been having some awesome adventures. Meditation University in Iowa. Tantra Yoga Studies in Goa, India. I am so enthusiastic about doing those types of things.

But…I’m mired in the mundane much of the time. My spiritual path is lined with manifestation of a physical kind…and that’s ok. I need money to do all that travel.

The REAL question I’ve asked myself recently is , “Am I letting FEAR prevent me from seeking more metaphysical and spiritual manifestation?”  I used to be afraid of materialism. Now I know that the material is necessary for this Game of Life. As I’ve grown older, have I become more conservative in my actions?

Good Question to ask during my meditation today.

P.S.  Is it appropriate to ask for a lover, too?

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