I’m Gonna Be Erykah Badu!

Tonight is 90’s Homecoming at Respectable Street, home of the Theme Party. This theme party is right up my alley. The 90’s were Awesome. I was a freshman in college, seventeen years old and ready to experience everything.

I worked at our college radio station for most of my college years. I was in college a long time…but that is another story. Music was all over the place and I had the opportunity to be right smack dab in the middle of it.

Kool Keith
Kool Keith

I hope the music is good tonight. My 90’s look is ready. I’ m gonna be Erykah Badu! Got my head wrap, black eyeliner and tinted lipgloss. Got my mood going with some Outkast, Soundgarden and Pizzicato 5.


Last night me and the girls watched Purple Rain, drank Purple Rain Cocktails and painted. It was a good time. I was so tipsy and tired by the time I got home…but couldn’t sleep past 9:30ish after rolling in at 6am.


It may be a Red Bull and vodka kinda night.

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