The Legend Of The Topless Barmaid

There’s a girl who works at a club, a club that we go to often, and she loves to flash her boobs at the customers. We’ll call her Tits Out …Tiffany. That’s not her real name but it’s close enough. Heather and Erin like to refer to her as TOT. I call her THOT in honor of a term I learned from my niece in Atlanta. In the words of Ayonna, “THOT means That Ho Over There” in HoodSpeak.

I think it’s the perfect name for Tits Out.

Now, I’m not one to begrudge a girl a “free the boobies” moment. I’m not. I rather enjoy it when a girl flashes her boobs. It makes me smile.

But Tits Out is more than just a boobie flasher. She’s a little bitch who talks trash about my friends. For that, my crew can’t stomach her.

She’s not a dumb girl. Apparently she is some kind of scientist.Cool. So’s the guy around the way who cooks crack. Big Deal. At least he doesn’t try to flash his customers…at least I don’t think so. I’m not his customer but have you ever heard of a crack chemist showing his wee wee?


I digress.

Tits Out is a perfect specimen of a little girl lost. I would feel sorry for her if she hadn’t called Heather names and told my friend Erin’s seventeen year old stepson that if he needed someone to f*ck, she’d do it.

I mean…who does that?

A THOT, that’s who.

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