Late Night Write.

I’ve noticed that my posts are influenced by the time of day that I write them. My morning posts are usually a little more witty  and a bit more fun than the ones I write late at night. Well, lately…at least that’s my opinion.

20141128_185907 Featured Image -- 701 535113_3084676923930_471807981_n

Tonight is almost midnight and I’ve had a heck of a day. I sincerly don’t even want to go into it…so I won’t. Let’s just say that I’m in bed with my laptop and ready to sleep the night away. But since the remote batteries are dead. Since I have to get out of bed to turn off “Beat Bobby Flay”, I may as well do the sixty squats I owe myself. We’ll see. It all depends on my mood.

I do have to get up a few hours.


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