Heather’s Pop Up Birthday Party…And Then Some.

Hot Diggety Damn! I woke up with  a slight headache…and it was well worth it.


Last night was AWESOME. My friend Heather’s birthday was yesterday. There was a listening party for Duran Duran’s new album, Paper Gods. Heather is a serious Duran Duran fan since they were birthed on Planet Earth. What a perfect circumstance. Guess what we did for her?

Erin began planning the night a few weeks ago and is a helluva party planner. We showed up at Radioactive Records for the listening party, Erin pops the trunk of her car and …SURPRISE! There was a party in her trunk…lol. Balloons and a Big Ol’ Happy Birthday sign floated out towards us. She’d packed a cooler with red velvet birthday cupcakes and cocktails. We all got our own personalized party cups filled with yummy drinks inside.  Fun. Fun. Fun.

How Cool! What a super Best Friend move. You Go, Erin! Happy Birthday, Heather!

HeathersandErin Heathersbdaycake heathersbdayparty HeathersBdaytoast

So after our curbside celebration, we ventured inside for some Paper Gods. First, let me just say that I almost had a music nerd orgasm as I walked inside Radioactive Records. I haven’t been in an honest to goodness record store in YEARS. Suddenly it was 1993 again and I was in audiophile Heaven. We walked the aisles and sipped our cocktails as we waited for the door prizes. Oh, yea. There were some door prizes to be won and I wanted the birthday girl to get one.

To get a prize you had to buy a Duran Duran album but the cool girl running the cash register gave me a couple of tickets for Heather when I got her Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album. Yay! How cool was that?

radioactive radioactive2 radioactive3 RADIOACTIVE4

Heather racked up…lol. She walked away with a wall handing of the album cover, postcards signed by all of ‘her guys’, three Joy Division albums and…a frickin’ awesome turntable!  You go girl!

HEathersbdayus HEathersbdayalbums HEathersbdayposterheathersbdayparty

Anyway…after that, I am not at liberty to tell. I will say this, it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. There was all manner of debauchery that also shall not be mentioned and I gotta go get ready for Day Two of Heather’s Birthday Weekend.

Now…where did I put my devil horns?

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