Long Weekend and Make up Squats.

I’m sitting here watching House Hunters and trying to decide whether I want to do more squats or hit the hay. I couldn’t muster up the energy to keep up with the sheer amount of squattage I was supposed to do so…I flaked. I did do fifty yesterday. My daily goal was 13o. Ooops!


I skipped ahead and did 130 today to prevent falling even more behind. Feeling a little proud of myself, I logged into our squats challenge group…and found out that today’s requirement was 135. So, I pumped up and down ten more times ( I added five out of guilt) and even through in another 20 as a start on my make up squats from Sunday. I’m gonna have ea Kardashian Booty!


Tomorrow begins another short week for us school workers. My youngest has Robotics practice after school so I have a bit of mommy duty as well. I’m up for it though.

I like staying busy.

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