My Teaching Journey…So Far.

I began college at a fresh seventeen years of age.

I graduated at 31.

I like to tell people that Nikki Giovanni’s influence is evident in my walk.

As I sit here at my desk, I realize that it’s been almost twelve years since I graduated from college. Boy. I wish I’d graduated at twenty. Clinton was still in office and there were jobs, even for History majors.

It’s been a long time. I’ve been on this teaching journey for quite a while. It’s worth it. I love engaging young minds. I love the look on a young person’s face when he or she realizes that they’ve learned something. Teaching is something I’ve always done. Now I want to have the financial and professional rewards of doing it.

At 42, maybe I should be thinking a little more grand. It’s not really necessary for me to move from the ground up, is it? I have age and experience. Some amount of expertise in communication, I did work in media for almost ten years…even if most of it was for low or no pay. Hmm…the cogs of my brain are turning.

I actually thought about writing a book about this journey. Much like the novel I planned to write on Zen and the Art of Waitressing, that idea has gotten dusty and sits in a dim corner at the back of my mind. Although, a couple of articles discussing my observations and opinions on the subject could be fun and good practice.

I like that idea.

Now how would I approach the subject? What is my topic? Should I be abstract or specific?

Oh, Goody!

A new project.

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