Happy Rising…As Opposed To Good Morning.

Oh, Girl! The Devil is a LIE.

You know how you’re trying to be all positive but you can’t stop the stream of negative, inconsequential bullshit racing through your brain?

Yea. Sometimes it’s like that.

But what I’ve  learned to do is fight that sh*t off. Do an inner Holy Ghost Dance.

Southern Black Folks know of what I speak.

Like Jay-Z…Brush ya shoulder off. Literally. Get. That. Dirt. Off. Ya. Shoulders.

I am DETERMINED to have a Great Rising. I WILL have an AWESOMELY ABUNDANT day.

The Devil is a Lie. I AM the TRUTH.

Thank You, Infinite Intelligence! Thank You, Divine Mother!

Thank You, Ancestors and Elder Mothers who’ve made me the Woman I am TODAY.

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