Planning For The Fall.

I didn’t have to work today so I went to Gallery X. Monique, the awesome non-conformist rocker chick who owns it, was there working. Wendy, amazing artist and fun, free spirit, showed up not too long after I did and we prepped for the show this weekend. We also planned for our upcoming feminist art show called, The Fall.

It’s such a surreal and fulfilling feeling to vibe with other artist mamas. We know the struggle of womanhood, motherhood and creativity. I feel so blessed and happy to be amongst such FRICKIN, COOL women! Stoked to Infinity.

We hung up Wendy’s paintings and my paintings. After doing the work, we kicked about talkin’ about art and politics and being women and oppression. It was an AWESOME day.

GlassTag Artistmeeting aRTgLASS

I’m in bed now. It’s time to recuperate from my wine and coffee fueled day. This weekend is gonna be FUN. Our October show will ROCK.

We are women. We are living art in motion.

PinkHalfFaceGirl VortexGirl

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