Happy Times…And The Inevitable Fatigue.

My current situation?

I’m in bed typing, listening to Louise and yawning. I am tired…and it’s not even ten o’clock yet. I wonder why?

Alice_Walker Amorpha2 11173378_10206175233081050_7892869764143167632_n 11150586_10206136901522785_4694188650848640527_n

Could it be my wine and coffee fueled day off? I didn’t really drink enough water but I’ve been trying to replenish my fluids today. Maybe it’s this gumbo weather. The sun peeks out and then a summer shower sprinkles dribblets of water everywhere. The cold, dark rain comes not too long after…and the cycle continues for days on end.

Le sigh.

Sun! Come Back!

Tomorrow is Friday…which is the day before Saturday. Saturday is ArtWalk!

Better get rested up before then!


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