Super Blood Moon Weekend…Nice.

Today has been surreal. I woke up stoked at some unseemly hour this morning. Stoked, Happy, Grateful, Frisky…all of those adjectives describe feelings I’ve been feeling all day.

Last night was Magical.
Today has been Magical. The Universe is Magical.

I think it may have something to do with the Super Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Mercury Retrograde energy happening on Earth right now.

Everything is Illuminated.

This Super Full Moon has been the best that I remember so far. Artwalk felt like the kickoff party for Mother Moon last night. Wendy and I were both super excited about it. Our show was Fun Filled and AMAZING. We had everything we wanted…and I released one of my art babies to a new, wonderful home. A home shared by two artist.

She’s gonna love it there.

Now that I know the full moon is for releasing energy and not pulling it in, I’ve responded accordingly.  Letting go feels so GOOD.

The Eclipse is Beautiful.

Time to Meditate and Give Thanks for this auspiscious time.

Deep Breath…and Release.


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