Fighting The Devil Off With A Big Damn Stick.

First, let me clarify what I mean by The Devil.

I’m talkin’ about Bullshit and Negativity…not some guy in a red suit with a tail and weird eyes. No. I’m talking about that soundtrack of doubt, fear and frustration filled anxiety screeching in my head. It’s trying to take over my mind but Dammit, I ain’t goin’ out like that, homie.

This is me claiming my Mind as my own. It is not a playground for Ego driven angst and stress. Screw that. Too many black women die from stress everyday. I like living. I love my Life.

Moon Mother shed her light on me and I released a lot of energy. Those empty spaces are only to be filled with Good, Happy Thoughts. This is my affirmation.

I Am In Love With Happiness and Delight. I Am A Magnet For Love and Fulfillment. My Goals Have Been Reviewed And The Rewards Are Mine To Enjoy.

Now for the ceremonial brushing of the shoulders.


…and so it is.

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