Hello, World! Have Coffee!

Ya know…my horoscope predicted a great many things for my day today.

  1. I’ve fallen out of love with my co-workers.
  2. I will be moving on.
  3. I will not be giving two shits about it.
  4. The Universe will provide.
  5. I will be laid back and have fun.
  6. It’s  Chill Day

That works for me…and my Ida B. Wells updo.

Ms. Jaudon 11807552_10207016147583387_8355188741174780928_o 11813504_10155803893715462_2926861456634355756_n 11831656_10207013583479286_6669731565068368397_n 11794123_10207013728402909_7203999619504270052_o (1) ArtwalkGirl

Happy Times…And The Inevitable Fatigue.

My current situation?

I’m in bed typing, listening to Louise and yawning. I am tired…and it’s not even ten o’clock yet. I wonder why?

Alice_Walker Amorpha2 11173378_10206175233081050_7892869764143167632_n 11150586_10206136901522785_4694188650848640527_n

Could it be my wine and coffee fueled day off? I didn’t really drink enough water but I’ve been trying to replenish my fluids today. Maybe it’s this gumbo weather. The sun peeks out and then a summer shower sprinkles dribblets of water everywhere. The cold, dark rain comes not too long after…and the cycle continues for days on end.

Le sigh.

Sun! Come Back!

Tomorrow is Friday…which is the day before Saturday. Saturday is ArtWalk!

Better get rested up before then!


Planning For The Fall.

I didn’t have to work today so I went to Gallery X. Monique, the awesome non-conformist rocker chick who owns it, was there working. Wendy, amazing artist and fun, free spirit, showed up not too long after I did and we prepped for the show this weekend. We also planned for our upcoming feminist art show called, The Fall.

It’s such a surreal and fulfilling feeling to vibe with other artist mamas. We know the struggle of womanhood, motherhood and creativity. I feel so blessed and happy to be amongst such FRICKIN, COOL women! Stoked to Infinity.

We hung up Wendy’s paintings and my paintings. After doing the work, we kicked about talkin’ about art and politics and being women and oppression. It was an AWESOME day.

GlassTag Artistmeeting aRTgLASS

I’m in bed now. It’s time to recuperate from my wine and coffee fueled day. This weekend is gonna be FUN. Our October show will ROCK.

We are women. We are living art in motion.

PinkHalfFaceGirl VortexGirl

Standing On The Shore.

I can see it.

Shielding my eyes with the back of my hand, I’m watching the horizon.

My ship is sailing towards me. Flags waving. Crew scurrying about to ready my embarking.

I’m ready.

It’s Time.

I’m Thankful.

I feel Grace.

Shallow water tickles my toes as I walk out to greet my Destiny.

My Purpose is Clear.

My Vessel is Ready.

I am moving towards it.

Life is Waiting.

11665598_10206808714917700_788834906148562246_n 11692501_10206808714597692_7410272195621553288_n 11707634_10206808714397687_4546937420623171041_n