Atlanta. Urban Paradise.

I love being in Atlanta.

At this time, I’m sitting in my parents’ library listening to Interpol and typing. I’m enjoying myself. Obstacle 1 is the ideal song for our weather today. Rainy. Wet. Overcast. Melancholy.

I’m not down though. I’m actually pretty jazzed. My friend Thomas met me at The Majestic and we had our traditional breakfast of coffee, food and conversation. Our talks are never linear. We meet all over the place…which I love. He’s one of the few people who is just as confusing as me. It works.

12115495_10207460254205775_5511105327726075776_n 11220936_10207460253925768_7567366881558158195_n 12046658_10207460253805765_3328702129071071947_n

I took some cool photos of The Girl. She loves Atlanta as much as I do. She blossoms here. Maybe it’s the rain.

So now it’s time to bathe and venture outward again. I soooo needed this trip.

12106936_10207460381568959_1080666887482396530_n 12079128_10207460374328778_3557260488002358696_n

Thank You, Divine Mother!

Thank You, Infinite Intelligence!


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